ClearSkin PRO for Acne




The new ClearSkin PRO Laser is the first technology to combine a non-ablative laser with simultaneous contact cooling and a unique vacuum technology to treat all forms of acne vulgaris safely and effectively. The treatment is the king of helping an Acne problem also benefit to skin rejuvenation, suitable for all skin types, has no side effects and achieves a smoother complexion and visibly younger & healthier looking Skin.

Skin Conditions Treated

Some of the skin conditions that can be effectively addressed with this treatment include:

Mild to Moderate Acne

Highly effective in treating mild to moderate acne, including whiteheads, blackheads, papules, and pustules.

Acne Scarring

Improve the appearance of acne scars by stimulating collagen production and promoting skin renewal.

Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH)

Can help fade these hyperpigmented areas, leading to a more even skin tone.

Excess Oil Production

Targets the sebaceous glands, reducing excessive oil production. This helps in preventing new breakouts and controlling the overall oiliness of the skin.

Clogged Pores

Helps to unclog pores, removing debris and impurities, which can contribute to the formation of acne.
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Full Face$350
Upper Arms$380
Upper Back$450
Full Back$750

Advanced Technology

Harnessing cutting-edge advancements to deliver superior treatments.

Safety Standards

Committed to upholding the highest safety protocols for your peace of mind.


Providing expert care and guidance with a team of highly skilled professionals.

Proven Results

Demonstrating a track record of successful outcomes, ensuring your satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Clearskin Pro is an advanced treatment designed to target and alleviate various acne-related skin concerns. It uses a combination of laser and radiofrequency technology to treat acne, reduce inflammation, control bacteria, and promote skin rejuvenation for a clearer and healthier complexion.

Clearskin Pro is effective for treating a wide range of acne types, including whiteheads, blackheads, papules, and pustules. It can be used to address mild to moderate acne as well as acne scarring and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).

The number of Clearskin Pro sessions required depends on the severity of your acne and individual skin conditions. Generally, a series of treatments is recommended for optimal results. Your skincare professional will create a personalized treatment plan based on your needs and goals.

Clearskin Pro is a non-invasive treatment, and most people experience little to no downtime. You may have some mild redness or slight sensitivity immediately after the session, but it typically resolves quickly. Side effects are minimal and temporary.

Yes, Clearskin Pro is safe for all skin types and tones. The technology used in Clearskin Pro allows for targeted treatment, ensuring that the procedure is gentle on the skin while effectively addressing acne concerns.